Why You Need a Web Site Monitoring Service

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To make your web site work for you in an efficient manner, you need to ensure that your servers are fully operational.. There are certain terms like software lockups, hardware failures, databases, hackers, viruses, worms, service patches, and Internet connectivity that play a critical role in your online success. So here we need to know about the terms like “ email or site monitoring and server” etc.

How Does Monitoring Work?

Web site monitoring refers to monitoring of sites which use HTTP or Https. Email monitoring refers to the operational performance of SMTP servers for ensuring the smooth flow of mail. For monitoring the performance of other server services like FP, we have server monitors. Now let us discuss how monitoring works.

Monitoring firms do connect at regular intervals the required web sites and server service via the internet. After checking the correct operational service status, the customer defined contact list is notified. This will be notified again upon the resumption of services.

Determining Operational Status

While some monitoring services simply use ping to determine whether a server answers; other services use more complex techniques such as checking web page code, database connectivity, keyword verification, and email round robin. The important factor here is the way a monitoring service determines the operational status. While ping is a simple service that may verify the power of service but cannot guarantee the site or server services to be operational.

Some Changes May Be Required

While most internet monitoring services can query your site or server service without the need of agents and the related maintenance of additional software required for same; some monitoring services require that executables be installed on your server. As Most monitoring services will provide originating IP information upon request, a fire wall rule has to be established for monitoring sites or servers that are protected by a fire wall.


Monitoring intervals have direct relationship with the cost as the same varies for monitoring packages ranging from 2 to 60 minutes. This also depends on whether the site or server is mission critical or not, as the same may require only 2 minutes monitoring interval to avoid revenue loss; whereas a site or server operating a hobby may not require monitoring at all.

Contact List and Methods

In case of an issue, most monitoring services email a contact list. Hence, one has to ensure e-mail availability; the number of persons that can be contacted; testing of email devices; and the additional costs. Involved. To have the email availability as per the monitoring services intervals, it is suggested that an email-enabled mobile phone should be handy to receive mails all the time. Most monitoring firms offer the ability to send "test" messages to your contact list. This feature is provided to ensure that everyone on the contact list is notified


As the others, access our servers from outside, so does the monitoring services firms. This ensures the availability of your servers to the visitors and proper configuration of fire wall

Monitoring cost depends on monitoring interval time and the method used to determine operational costs as there are various packages like “mission critical server packages “etc. which determine the costing as such

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